Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sugared Cheese Buns, Insect Buffet and a peek at my Pantry

Phew!!! It's been more than a month. My dedicated reader [noticed that it is singular... I dun have much of a following... unlike Tiesto - ermm.. more abt that later] had feedback that it is getting boring here. So here's some updates.

I really have nothing to yak about but quite a while back, I did tried my hand at bread-making. Still have another 500grms of Bread Flour yet to be ventured upon. Got the recipe from S's Bread-Making book that she bought. You can see traces of dried dough on the book. You can say that the book was well-used... ;-)

The recipe is somewhere in the kitchen....

And then there was the Bangkok (BKK) trip. F & I decided that it is time for a trip. Our last trip was a rushed trip to KL with lost h/p and all. So BKK was calling. My dreams of getting all Eid Celebration stuff like curtains and cushion covers were jamming my mind. So we went.

We walked Pratunam and Platinum Mall. Got lost at Thieves Market near BKK's Chinatown. Took a longer route to Khao San Rd involving a Train, Ferry and a Taxi Ride. Got caught in the rain at Chatuchak Weekend Market and ended up buying a pair of Orang Tab Levi's and a three-seater stool. Ran out of THB on our last day there... we decided to load up on breakfast to keep us full the rest of the day so to save money on lunch. We ended up sleeping off our full stomach in the Hotel room.... was brought back to reality the minute we touched down in SIN... and not much rest after... I supp it goes the same for the rest of my family. Sis will know what I'm talking abt...

I didn't get any stuff for home except for the stool. None of the pretty ladies' tops fit big-size me.... so we ended up with tons and tons of t-shirt (can you say cheap cheap...). And also THB 20 worth of insects.... fried locusts to be exact.... check it out.

About Tiesto and the following. A liitle birdy told F that DJ Tiesto is spinning at Club 808 on RCA in BKK. Now, this guy... he has a HUGE following [... Tiesto... not the little birdy chap.] It is like a cult, a religion... which I will never understand. Just like fan clubs... any sort of fan clubs of an individual. So we went to check it out. The place was soo packed... I can't even twitch my nose and not hit someone. I kept telling myself it is the experience... the experience. And indeed it was. Cos everyone was there for that one reason... there was no judging.. no holier-than-thou attitude. Everyone had one main purpose i.e. to have the hell load of fun. And we meet people from Jerusalem, New York, Australia.... we got to know some locals too. All in the name of fun.
And then there is the curious-cat me [meow] who is always interested to know on how other people's home/ kitchen looks like. Chanced upon this website earlier today and they are calling for entries to "show us your pantry". And it is really interesting to note that I am not alone in stocking up. Amazing stuff you see people keep in their pantry.... and I would like to share mine:

More about some interesting buys in BKK later on.