Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lights out - Earth Hour

We are voting for earth by having our lights n TV off for one hour. Our home is pitch black except for the tealights. . . 7 in total. One in the bathroom cos F need to do the no. 2 heheh. . . We took the opp to reflect on our life, relationship and work. . . It's really cool. We plan to do this every other week when we have time off together. Time for a massage in the dark!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cheese Puffs

David Lebovitz called it Gougeres and he added chives. Oh. . I dun know how to add hyperlink thru my hp, google him for his recipe. I called it cheese puffs and did not use chives. [24 Mar: I updated the link.... click to go to David's site].

So i researched. . . Tried Donna Hay's reciped for Profiteroles, and add cheese n chilli powder like what David blog. Perfect! Except i didn't bake for the same length of time the recipe called for. . . I'm gonna break my finger if i type the recipe in now. But i'll do so soon. Plus update on Engkak

24 Mar:
I tried his recipe but it did not come out right. Could be something I did wrong. I have more pictures on my several attempts.

My very very first attempts on top left hand corner. David was kind enough to include notes at the end of his recipe as a precaution. So I know my oven was not hot enough. Second attempt on bottom right hand corner. I used Gouda and Cheddar cheese. And I realised that if I bake as what David advised, about 35mins in total. I get a rock hard Gougeres. Helpp!!!

So I baked for only a total of 10mins. I get a nice golden brown colour. Rather than a dark brown to thge shade of black. Heheh.... I brought it to office as nibbles for the department meeting. But I realised that it did not retain it shape. The air in the puff sorta escaped, and I got fairly flattened but edible Gougeres.

So I tried one more time and brought it to offce the next morning for breakfast nibbles.

But I was still not satisfied, cos the way it is made is similar to the cream puffs... profiteroles. So the texture should be like what I ate for Beard Papa right. The recipe is for Choux paste right....

So I found a recipe for Profiterole in the Donna Hay book that I borrowed from the library. Tweaked it a bit to be similar to David's and got this.

So I used Edam and Cheddar. More Edam, less Cheddar. I think the Edam melted. JT helped me in the kitchen. And she kept telling me that she cannot grate the Edam.. It's crumbling in my hands!! she said. So she ended just crumbling them instead of grating. We tried one batch. It worked and the boys ate it all up. So we made 4 more batches to bring to the 2 Sunday events that we were invited to... we as in F & I.

We had an amazing crazy weekend! Which is another story and another recipe. The tweaked Donna Hay's recipe too. I promised.

Cheese Puff
1 cup water
100g butter
3/4 cup plain flour (shifted)
4 small eggs (lightly beaten)
1 tsp chilli powder
3/4 cup grated cheese

1. heat water, butter and chilli powder until butter melted
2. Pour in shifted flour and whisk until the batter comes together in a ball.. abt 5mins. But to me it seems more than that cos of the effort it takes to whisk the batter
3. take the batter out of the pot and let it cool.... I suggest putting it in a Mixer and let it whisk the batter a few times to cool off the heat
4. Slowly pour in the eggs as the batter is being whisked by the mixer
5. Fold in the grated cheese
6. Either pipe about a teaspoon blob on a baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper... or just use a teaspon! LOL
7. Bake at 200°C for about 10mins or until golden brown

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Final product. . Engkak

It soo didn't turn out too great! So unsatisfied i am that i decided to try making Gorgeres the next day.
24 Mar
OK...blogging from a PC now. The recipe for Engkak can be found here.
I think I did not get the preparation of the batter quite right. It didn't really turn out spongy as the recipe indicates.
I dun have the Bahulu mould that it requires. I used a muffin tray. But if ever I do it again, I'll use the whatchamacallit... cupcake papers... did I get it right?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Engkak - Step 2

I'm a bit skeptical that this will work. . .


Blogging from hp again. F's off having dinner with his pals to celebrate a successful project. I,ve done laundry, mop the kitchen, clean the toilet and it's 11pm and i'm bored . . . So i pulled out the various recipes that i've gotten while surfing. . It's either Gougeres from David Lebovitz or this kuih. I figured it's been awhile since i make something for mum. . . So kuih it is then! Final product picture and recipe later. . . That's just the picture of the filling. . . Hehe

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My attempt on a Lemon Meringue Pie

I am blogging using my h/p. This was my attempt to make a Lemon Meringue Pie y/day.
I borrowed two books on Sunday - Donna Hay and Delia's, after my night shift.
The Delia Collection, Puddings

After my dinner with OLK & E at Double Bay Restaurant. Discussion swirls around dessert and the best place to have Sticky Pudding. The one that we ordered at Double Bay was not fantastic.

So I revealed to them that I seldom eat out anymore. That I tend to cook more and pack lunches. So if they talk about restaurants eating, it is a big treat for me. But I will be more than happy to set a date to try to make them the sticky pudding and have them tell me how I fair.
We are yet to set a date... cos I am yet to get the recipe.

Thus the reason I borrowed the two books.
And in the books, I chanced upon the Lemon Meringue Pie. I've always wanted to try after reading the courageous attempts made by the DBs. I am not as daring, so I tried on my own really really free time.

And I had a bottle of lemon juice from Waitrose which I bought only becos I fell in love with the bottle. You would too!!

Oh ok! So some explaination abt the really burnt bits on top of the meringue. I read one of the books, I think it was Donna's. So it says place the pie under a broiler for bake till meringue sets. I dun know what she mean... like totally bimbo abt those jargon * twirling hair, looking in the air* ... So, while still chatting with JT on the phone, I set my oven to 220C, top heat only and place the pie underneath it... 5 mins chatting, I decided to do a check. Thank God I did! It's still edible.. F & I ate half of the pie in one seating.