Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My attempt on a Lemon Meringue Pie

I am blogging using my h/p. This was my attempt to make a Lemon Meringue Pie y/day.
I borrowed two books on Sunday - Donna Hay and Delia's, after my night shift.
The Delia Collection, Puddings

After my dinner with OLK & E at Double Bay Restaurant. Discussion swirls around dessert and the best place to have Sticky Pudding. The one that we ordered at Double Bay was not fantastic.

So I revealed to them that I seldom eat out anymore. That I tend to cook more and pack lunches. So if they talk about restaurants eating, it is a big treat for me. But I will be more than happy to set a date to try to make them the sticky pudding and have them tell me how I fair.
We are yet to set a date... cos I am yet to get the recipe.

Thus the reason I borrowed the two books.
And in the books, I chanced upon the Lemon Meringue Pie. I've always wanted to try after reading the courageous attempts made by the DBs. I am not as daring, so I tried on my own really really free time.

And I had a bottle of lemon juice from Waitrose which I bought only becos I fell in love with the bottle. You would too!!

Oh ok! So some explaination abt the really burnt bits on top of the meringue. I read one of the books, I think it was Donna's. So it says place the pie under a broiler for bake till meringue sets. I dun know what she mean... like totally bimbo abt those jargon * twirling hair, looking in the air* ... So, while still chatting with JT on the phone, I set my oven to 220C, top heat only and place the pie underneath it... 5 mins chatting, I decided to do a check. Thank God I did! It's still edible.. F & I ate half of the pie in one seating.

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