Sunday, January 18, 2009

Agro Dolce

You won't believe this but our computer went kaput(!) on us. Thus the absence of a few months worth of recipes.

Dec was a busy period. There wasn't much cooking I think.
I tried the Velvet Cake recipe with the Cream Cheese icing but I suppose it is old news for alot of the food bloggers cos the would have attempt that in the DB challenge.

And I have been burying my nose into several cookbooks in an attempt to wake up my sense of creativity, adventure and tastes.

One lazy lazy day, when F and I were soo undecided on whether to go out or to stay home. F fell asleep in front of the TV. I was feeling super restless but refuse to join him in a nap. We borrowed a few thick and heavy cookbooks from the library the previous day. Well, I borrowed, F helped to carry the books home heheh...

I decided that this recipe is interesting enough to try.

I used chicken instead of Poussins. Like errmmm.... where do I get Halal Poussins at 8.30pm?The recipe calls for 3 wineglasses of Chianti and red wine vinegar. But the problem is I don't take wine. Not in drinking or cooking. I know the effect may be different but instead of wine, I used Pomegranate Juice and white vinegar.

When I told NL about what I did, she raised an eyebrow but said that Chianti is a sweet wine, so Pomegranate juice sounds appropriate. Of course, after that I have to promise to make some to let her try. One day....

Oh! and no smoke pancetta too. I used Turkey bacon.

Served it up with mash potatoes just as how Jamie suggested. And grilled veggie salad (not to his suggestions).

The results was super amazing. F had a second helping and a 3rd......
I was soo thrilled with the results that I forgot to take a picture. It is such an inspiring and unique way of cooking chicken (to me). It does not use garlic, no chilli. None of the usual spices that I would have used to flavour a sweet and sour dish.

And I have to tell Sis about the recipe cos she was complaining that she still have not used up the big Jar of Sun Dried Tomatoes that she have in the fridge.

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