Monday, December 17, 2007

Chicken and Cabbage

Lunch was a simple affair today. Just finished my night shift and can't think of anything to cook... or eat. By the time I arrive at the market, all the vegetable stalls had packed up for the day. Yup I was really late... like prob 12pm. The butcher store located outside the market is still open, so was the vegetable stall outside of it... they usually open till quite late anyways, for people like me. The butcher gave me a knowing grin... shessh... I hope it is obvious that i was after work and not from home.

Mil gave me half a (HUGE) cabbage head the last time that I helped with cooking. Yup.. the cabbage stayed THAT long in the fridge. I gave half of it to Mum and during my the last visit, she had used it all up. Now F and I isn;t much of a cabbage eater. I used to looove it when I was young... all the way thru my teens. I suppose I ate my lifetime's worth.

I decided to get adventurous and bought 1kg of minced chicken meat. Geez... you call that adventurous!! Oh well...

I made Cabbage Parcels. There's really no name for it.. it's just soemthing that I put together. I know some culture has got something similar and theirs is more intricately made. Mine is the throw-in-what-you-have sorta thing, which I felt is what creative cooking is all about heheh

There's no pictures cos I cannot find my camera!!! The last picture I took was of the Flourless choc cake that I tried to make and it was a totally flop...that was last Thursday.

Cabbage Parcels

500grms mince chicken meat
2 stalks of spring onion
Salt & pepper
1 tbs rice flour or corn flour

2 tbs chopped onions
2 tsp chopped garlic
2 cubes of chicken stock (I used MSG-free Knorrs Chix cubes...)
500ml water
a dash of soya sauce
(no salt cos the chix cubes are salty enough...)

10 leaves of Cabbage

1. Steam the cabbage leaves until it's soft. Put it aside to cool
2. Chopped the spring onions and mix it well with the meat, flour, salt and pepper
3. Take your steamed cabbage and slowly cut away part of the middle stem... so that it's easier for you to fold ur leaves...
4. Place one tbs of the chix meat and fold the leaf into a parcel... put it aside
5. I managed to make about 10 or so...
6. Heat oil and fry the chopped ingredients
7. Put in teh chix cube and pour in water and soya sauce
8. Let it simmer for a bit then carefully arrange your little parcels in the pan...
9. Parcel should sit neatly in the pan.
10. Let the gravy simmer until the chicken is cooked...

We ate it with rice of course. F said it'll be marvellous with sambal belacan.. but then anything is marvellous to him with sambal belacan.. heheh...

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