Monday, December 03, 2007

Five and Half KG of Roti Arab

Mil cooked for a wedding over the weekend. F and I arrived late on Saturday to render help. So I have to start my sob story of having to wrok till 2am the night before. Which is the truth.... The bride ... or is it the groom... is F's cousin. Well, I am yet to grasp the family tree.... but it's just amazing how everyone was there having fun. They even arranged for me to wear the same colours as the rest of the ladies of the family. That, I felt was rather touching...

Anyways, Mil requests for 5.5kg of Roti Arab for dinner on Saturday night for the guests. I made two batches, 3kg first. Then another 2.5kg. Knead it by hand, divide them into little dough balls and roll it out into saucer-size flat bread. Sil helped to fry it on the flat pan. She got really excited when the bread puffed up. She's getting good at frying them.. all the bread turned out nicely brown. Mum's nagging turned out well too cos' all the bread puffed up nicely and it's soft. [knead more...knead more... until the dough is smooth... no more. Some more...sighhh.......]
F's dad enjoyed it soo much, he ate FIVE!! Mum was there helping.. she was there since morning and wasn't pleased that we came at 4pm... Mum was there. She was there alright... she was barking orders at me... no do it like that. Do this... do that. I hinted at her that different people have different styles of cooking. She got the hint.. but forgot abt it after half an hour.

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