Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hari Raya Cookies and Open House

*Stuff bought for the Cookie making frenzy.*

I am blogging again but I shall not tell where I am blogging from... location *Top Secret* LOL
My itch to blog overcomes the better of me... thus here I am blogging, but without recipes. So just food porn... ;-)

Thanks to Boss who gave me her brand-new-totally-not-used-been-sitting-in-her-kitchen oven. It's perfect. I think it bakes even better than my current oven.
I made three types of cookies this year:
1. Compulsory Choc Chip Spotties ( No pictures... totally slipped my mind to do that, cos we made it so often)
This is a must each year. When both of were still staying at Mum's, every year my sis and I will make a list of stuff to buy to put in it. Every year it's different types of nuts. There is one year we went crazy and dumped in every single nuts that mum has in her fridge.... we'll prob throw ourselves in too (geddit?) , but we cannot fit into the bowl!! This year it was sliced almonds, walnuts and green pumpkin seeds.

2. Oatmeal Cookies
I bought The Cookie book specifically cos of this recipe....

3. Dates and Celory Cut-out Cookies
I sooo wanted to use up the dates that MIL gave me last year. And I wanted some colour... but I dun like those cherries in the packet. I found this product made of from papaya.. they made it look like cherries. And Mum's Phoon Huat member's card is permenantly with me. Yeay!!
And I tweaked a recipe that I got from the Cookie Book.

And then there is the open house. We invited friends and families over... mostly family. Cos our family alone... parents, in laws, sister, brothers, aunties, uncles... it's enough to fill up the whole house.
We serve a simple spread:

1. Fried Chicken Wings
- 7.5kg of it to be exact.
2. Flat Arabic Bread
4. Kheema

HC helped me with the preparation and the dishes. THANK YOU HC. Love you deep deep. I don't think I could managed w/o her.

F was in charge of the rest of the house. I sewed new curtains and cushion covers. MIL bought us a new carpet. Thank you MIL :-* (Although she dun read my blogs... )
F did a fabulous job re-arranging all the furnitures on his own. My strong F :-*... he dragged the furnitures tho and our neighbour staying below us came up to inform us to keep it down.. shesshhh

We now have a TV corner for F and a reading corner for me.

Another area that I can use to chill with a book in the daylight :-)


Lorraine E said...

Looks like a great Open House-love the selection of food!

MagiKPiper said...

Thanks Lorraine. It's simple dishes which I know will turn out well, since I made them often.