Monday, March 03, 2008

Cakes fior SIL and a TERRIBLE Migrane

OK. I managed only about 100 little sunflower cupcakes just like the ones I made in Oct for Eid Celebration. I also managed about 30 little choc tarts, before the TERRIBLE Migrane hit me realll bad. I've already got 2 batches of the tart dough in the freezer. And I could not take it anymore. I made one big tart and that was it.
F managed to arrange to visit NATAS Fair and we got our trip to BKK arranged. Yeay!!! MBK here we come. Younger BIL just returned from his second trip from BKK and he has maps and lots of tips for us. Mum gave me leftover Thai Bahts from her last trip. Shessh... it's like everyone had gone there before except us.
F stuck to the plan and research that my colleagues and I had made. He took up Thai Airways and choose for us to stay at Baiyoke Suite. Yeay!!!
Our plan is to go there with empty bags. Just the clothes on our back and shop shop shop!! I'm even gonna get toiletries from the Boots Pharmacy there... rather than bringing from SIN.
I've already got a list of stuff to buy:
- Fake Birkenstock and fisherman's pants for Fourth Month
- A retro sling handbag for SIL
- A bunch of clothes for Ulfah
- A bunch of clothes for First Bro youngest son
- Possibly curtains and cushion for this year's Eid celebration
- Clothes for me me me
- F's prob want those fisherman pants too
More updates after April on our BKK trip. Yeay!!
Oh oh oh!! and K, you'll be glad to know that we will be using the GBP that you gave us for our wedding pressie as spending money for the trip. Nope, have not changed it to SGD yet. We are holding on to it till we go to BKK in April. It'll be money well spent!!!

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