Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Just last Saturday, NL decided that it's cake eating day and set off during her lunch break to venture the Pâtisserie that we unearthed while sourcing for restaurants for clients. Fun job I have huh... yeah, the job hazard is that we craved for food that we were sourcing for.

So before we sent NL on the mission, we took turns browsing thru the website to decide what we wanna eat. AK was very firm on her choice - Strawberry Short Cake. I want a Straberry Shortcake... without even looking at the website. I couldn't decide between Gateaux Chocolat and Tarte Citron. I decided that I wanna try a Lemon Tart. I know it may sound lame... but what with all the Daring Bakers' Challenge and their qualms on (baking) a lemon meringue pie/ tart. Gotta gotta gotta try one. Here's the order for the day:

Tarte Citro for moi
Macha for NL (check it out... the cake is the same colour as her tortoise)
Strawberry Shortcake for AK and KT
And... something else for KT.. with loads of Strawberry on it...

And they all come in individual boxes... or rather NL asked for the cakes to be packed seperately... so that we can all indulge in our little corner. And they arrived just as how it was pictured in their website....I was just sooo amazed. I've never really had a cake/ pastry and being well-informed about it way before sinking my teeth in it.... except for those that I baked.

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