Tuesday, May 27, 2008

High-tea at Carousel & Cookies from Sis

I am on leave for FIVE FULL days. Ooohhh the luxury of it. Met up with Mel today to catch up on a few months of news. We went for Hi-tea at the Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts. The spread wasn't fantastic today. We had a little morsels of everything... we of course skipped those that we can easily get outside. I had the Chix Char Siew Bun, among other things. The kind that I always see at those Hong Kong Bakeries... or that fascinating windows of Dim Sum place at Lau Pa Sat. It's interesting to see what people enjoyed eating... but we didn't think about taking pix of the food. One cos I've been there several times, before and after the renovations. Two, cos we were too busy talking and stuffing our mouths. That's the only thing that stuck in my mind. The bun has got a nice buttery skin... more like a pastry than a bun. Layers of flaky buttery skin and then sweet, brown chix char siew fillings. Yum!

Anyways, Mel has good and bad news for me.... [Kavs, you have to ask her yourself.] But all I can say is... no worries, I will hold the fort in Singapore as loong as I can.

On another note...Sis read the entry on Princess' cookies [Not surprising...]. So she made me cookies too. Hehehe.... and was bugging me about getting her fame on my blog too. Not that it'll much of a fame. She said that she used the Neiman Marcuss recipe. First thing that came to mind was that really expensive department store in NYC. And I was like.. I didn't know that Neiman Marcus sells chocs or has got anything to do with food!! Because of the work we do, Neiman Marcus is always associated with Fashion Items or Luxury Accessories. So I decided to venture beyond... yup yup. True enough, they have Gourmet Food sections.

So here's the cookies from Sis....

Kavs read my blog too and got worried when I mentioned about being busy busy after the BKK trip. Thanks Kavs for thinking of me eventho you are halfway across the world *HUGGSSZZZ*

Another highlight for today was that Mel & I trooped all way to Tudor Court to check out the Hediard Store there. Hail from the land of Fine Cuisine, I was intrigued when they first open their doors in Singapore. We were too full after the High-tea to consider a small bite of something sweet at their cafe (the dessert at Carousel wasn't fantastic). So we feast our eyes on the items on the shelves. I couldn't think of anything to buy. So we contemplate on jams... sooo many different fruits, all jammed. All in large jars, which will take us forever to finish... the fact that Mel shops for one... and I for two. We didn't take pictures either cos we were self-conscious and the store was REALLLYYY small.

Mel stared for the longest time at a huge canister that is labelled "Assam". I suppose she was thinking why would a French gourmet store choose to sell "Tamarind" [which means Assam in Malay]. And then, our Secondary Four Geography lessons came to mind, complete with Ms Shanti's face. [Kavs can relate to that one...] She'll be pleased to note that we remembered. "Assam" is tea... definitely from the namesake region in India. With its sloping grounds and sunlight and rainfall, a perfect place to grow tea.. etc etc etc.

I bought the cheapest thing I could find in the store - Guimauve. I chose lemon... I don't know why I did. But I just did. It tasted a bit chemical-like to me. There was Violet flavour & another in green... but I chose Lemon. I still don't know why. And when I paid at the cashier, there was no fancy nice box or ribbon. The cashier didn't even offer me a bag. Hmph! So much for a fancy gourmet store. I was too shy to ask for one and anyways I'll probably discard the bag after a day.

I thought I remembered that it does not use gelatin. But when I checked C&Z recipe page again, I realised that I remembered wrong. I don't eat gelatin unless I know the animal origin... so the rest of my gourmet purchase was discarded. . .

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