Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cookies from Princess and Items from BKK

While dad was in hospital, we kinda took turns arranging lunch or dinner for whoever is waiting at the hospital (usually Mum). There was fried pasta and Chilli-tuna-mayo sandwich and potato chips from me (not both on the same day of course...), sis brought black-pepper beef and rice (which I missed out) and nasi lemak (which I brought the left-overs home)... of course there was plenty of packed rice from the food court downstairs and from 3rd bro's school canteen. Princess... made choc-chip cookies.... Chewy, decadent and just soo yummy. I ate five at one go. I brought it to the office and they were enjoying it too.... gonna have to ask her for the recipe. She was actually returning my Tupperware that she brought home and she filled it up with cookies. And I thought that it is really the kind of cookies that you say Thank you with. It's yummmmeeeeee. Really gotta ask her for the recipe.

And then there are the items from BKK. I managed to drop by the supermarket!!! Yeay!! I love supermarkets. Esp. huge ones with wide aisle and high ceilings and tall tall shelves. Like Giant. In BKK there's Big C. F agreed to go cos we couldn't find that Banana Honey Chips that the office gals loved anywhere on the streets. Of course we paid Supermarket price... but what the heck... I managed to grabbed a tin of Cocoa that I thot was v v v interesting. I just chucked it in our trolley knowing that I will definitely use it someday. Closer inspection detailed that the Cocoa... (indicated as Cacao on the tin) hails from the land of Tulips. . .

And we have leftover THB. I know I said that we ran out of THB on our fourth day in BKK. Clever me put aside THB 1000 in case we were asked to pay for airport tax. Even after numerous advise from frequent travellers that we will not be asked for it. Anyways... that means that we have some moolahs to spend at the airport..... prior to the trip I was aggravated by the fact that I cannot find Holy Basil at the market. And what is really the diff between the two (Holy basil and basil). No one in the office can answer me... and I was too lazy to investigate further. Anyways, found a teeny can of it for THB50 at the airport and it is from the Blue Elephant Cooking School.....*put on haughty-tottie look here* Only one of the highly-acclaimed cooking school in BKK. So simple-me got excited... Geez, it's just Basil for goodness sake... I knowwww.... but me likey. OK.

To date the Cacao is still untouched... but of course sans the platic wrapping, inspected every square inch of it. Used two piece of the basil.. to add aroma to my fried rice (i used the Kua Curry paste to fry the rice... ) heheh....

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