Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The beginning of soo much more....

Haha, the chocolate tart was just the beginning. Now that I know how simple it is to make... and how amazingly dreamy it taste. [Yup, despite my throat infection, I couldn't resist a sliver of the tart. I swear it was a sliver!!]

Well, my crust turns out thicker than I imagine. I suppose cos I used a 8-inch fluted tart tray instead of the 9-inch that the recipe indicates. But I liked it, that way the ganache wasn't too overwhelming. Dad said that the choc's a bit bitter. I used Van Houten. But I thought it was alright... not too sweet.

Sis apparently read my blog before I left the house and was all anticipating the arrival of the tart.

I've decided that I'm gonna try other choc recipes. Recipes that in the beginning I thought was too advance. Anything that requires me to double boil or melt choc was too overwhelming for me. Cos I'm not a very neat or cautious person, and was afraid that I might just end up spilling all the choc all over the cabinet top or even the floor. I saw a flourless choc cake recipe somewhere... and my Jamie Oliver cookbooks has got a baked choc tart... the picture shows a sugary sweet crust of choc on top. Yummy... maybe will try it when Kavs came by. She'll go crazy.

I went to the grocery store nearby my home and saw this Indonesian brand cooking choc. I recalled Mum said that it's quality is just as good as those top notch brands. And I remembered wanting to buy the 2kg slab I saw at Mustafa's. And it is soo dirt cheap... like $5.20 for the 1kg pack that I bought.

And at the back of the pack it says that it's suitable for ganache, coating... etc etc. Well, I suppose they really know what they are talking about. 1kg will make about 5 of the tarts that I made yesterday and at 1/5 of the price.

There's still another quarter of the tart in the fridge... Hmm... maybe just another sliver.

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