Sunday, November 11, 2007

The seamstress' daughter

My mum was a seamstress... she dun sew much these days. When we were younger, with the Eid celebration round the corner. Our small living room will be filled with colourful clothes that the neighbours sent for sewing. We stayed in a modest 3 room apartment and there is a pipe that runs along the living room to the kitchen. Mum will hang the ready clothes along the pipe. It's like as if our living room had turned into a night market. There is a 6 seater dining table where mum will cut out all the cloth for sewing. My job is to go under the table and collect all the cloth remains and put it in a plastic bag. If I'm good, mum will make a a little doll from the cloth. Heheh... it was a simple life.

I tried my hand at sewing but never get good results with clothes. I still have not master sewing sleeves or rounded edges....

So I tried easy projects like throw pillows covers and curtains.

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