Friday, February 01, 2008

Ayam Percik

Mum gave me this gadget when we first moved into the new home. Did not used it much.. wel actually not at all until recently.

I saw this recipe for Ayam Percik on the internet and my mouth starts drooling. Thoughts of the smoky smell waiving from the stalls at Air Hitam in Johor enroute to our Kampung in Muar. I just have to try the recipe.

And I remembered that gadget that Mum gave. It looks like a pan, as you see in the pix above. But the middle portion, sits directly over the fire on your stove... and when you switch on your stove, the middle portion turns... as you see in the following pix.. a blur sight. It kinda disperse the heat, giving you the kinda heat you'll get out of slow burning charcoal, if I may say so....

You'll need a big wok... mine is a 36cm Supor brand to dump all the chix in.

A bit of tweaking to the recipe again. Rather than just marinating the chix in the Spice Paste (what spice paste, what recipe... geez, click on the link will ya?), I dumped in my chix into the gravy....and let it cook for a while. Then I just grill in on my spanking cool gadget until the chix turned crispy and brown on the outside.

Pour the remaining gravy into a bowl and place it near the stove.
Once in a while, dip your chicken in teh bowl and put it back on the grill.
The end result is a smoky, crispy chix with amazing flavours.

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