Friday, February 15, 2008

My day out....

I was forced to surf thru the new Changi Airport Terminal 3 website in search of restaurants suitable for V Day dining yesterday... for my client. We dun celebrate V Day.. shessh. Became curious about what's in store. Since I was in the east today and Airport was just round the corner.... and it is my ONLY off day .... I decided to explore.

Chanced upon a few treasures which I thought was rather exotic... will bear it in mind next time I feel like treating myself. There was Harnn & Thann with its line of spa products. I was particularly attracted to its Lavender Body Balm. It will be a nice treat.. to rub it on shoulders and neck after a long day at work. $25 a bottle and they dun have a traveller's size that I can carry in my purse. Skip. ... but ermmm Sis... It can be ONE OF my Birthday presents :-D

Next was the Tea shop. I cannot remember the name of the shop but the girl was very very very nice, she let me smell alllll the teas available. I'm serious, ALL. I drool over the Emir tea or something, it has a heady smell of caramel. Yummy!! I can imagine when I am craving for a sugar rush but dun wanna indulge in a luxuriously sweet pastry... or even spent time making one. I just go round into make the Emir tea. The fact that the name of the tea is almost similar to thrid bro is not really appealing... but the smell... and imagine it with raw sugar. Yummm...and the packaging was to die for. Very chic...$19 - $27 a Canister. And all the time I was thinking of the two boxes of unopened Ahmad Tea at home... skip.

And thennnn..... there was the Chocolat Factory. this point... I cannot resist. The lady let me try the jam.... and I thot that it was really really really interesting to have on top of cupcakes... or I was imagining scones (on my way home in the bus). $14 for a bottle.... Not cheap for Jams. They have Choc & Orange (which I thot was quite common).. Choc & Pear (interesting) .... The lady at the store prefers The Choc & Chestnut (too overwhelming for me cos I thot that Chestnut Jam already taste like choc in itself, where's the fun in that then...??) and Choc & Mint (never like this combi... not even those After Eights stuff). Course their Choc & Orange sold the most, they only have 4 bottles left. I decided to go for the Choc & Pear. The jams were from Barcelona. OK so, I did treat myself after all.... I am yet to open my jar....

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