Friday, February 01, 2008

The retro bowls and the Malay Jars!!!

And the bowls... Sis and I have been searching high and low for that retro looking mixing bowl. We wanted the exact ones like Mum and grandma used to have. We first saw them at Spotlight but it'll set us back a good SGD 30. And it is soo heavy to carry home. And the thought that it is made in China and it is SGD 30, we are not willing to spend.

Recently, we are willing top part with that SGD 30 cos we sooo wanted the bowls but Spotlight does not carry them anymore. AND THEN... on my recent trip to Johor with Mil, I saw it at the Giant hypermart for like RM 18 for the large one and RM 11 for the small one. And you guessed it, it is made in China. I bought a set for Sis and a set for myself and was just soo estatic about the whole purchase. Can you imagine how many of those bowls we could have bought with SGD 30...?
And on the same aisle, I saw something else to add to my jar collection. The Garam (Salt) Jar. Sis and I first saw the Asam (Tamarind) and Kunyit (Tumeric) Jar ages ago before Sis got married. I still remembered Aunt A and Uncle W drove us into Johor for the fun of it and there we bought all the items to prepare for Sis' wedding. Giant hypermart was around the corner. And we saw the jars and got really excited. Well you see, in Singapore we have all the normal Ang Moh jars with Coffee and Tea and Sugar. Boring... and then we saw these in Malay. And we were like WOAH!
When we brought it home for Mum, she got excited too and her next question was, how come you didn't buy the Garam (Salt) jar. And we were like Ibu, if they have it in Garam, wouldn't we have bought it huh.... shessh. Mum been using it since.....
And sooooo when I saw the Garam ones... I took 3 jars immediately. Bet Mil was wondering why I was soo excited... heheh.
And the news has it that after I bought Sis the Garam jar, she accidentally broke her Kunyit jar. So my next mission when I'm in JB is to buy her the Kunyit jar. Shessshhh......

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