Monday, February 11, 2008

Mario Batali

Never heard of him before until today. Seriously. I dropped by United Sqaure today. I've never had any business to drop by anymore eversince I switched jobs and my old office moved to Toa Payoh. It's all cos I won a $50 United Square voucher at the Company's Dinner & Dance recently. And I only know just one place in the whole mall... one place that I will definitely definitely spend my money at. It's that basement shop alongside Cold Storage... it sells the most amazing kitchenwares.

After my night shift this morning, and a tummy-aching-laughing-gossiping-lunch with TW and AJ... I dropped by Utd Sq. I also need a new dustbin for the kitchen. The one that we bought from IKEA previously, is hanging on to it's dear live with one screw... heheh. Rust. It's cancer for boats (got it from some movie.. I think it's the Meet the Fockers) and apparently metal pedal dustbins too. Heheh.

Man... it was like stepping into a candy store. There were shelves of yummy coloured bowls behind the cashier. And Umbra bins and holders.... and then there was Mario Batali. I was soo attracted to the Cast Iron pots, it looks soo pretty. But I don't have a use for it. I don't cook stews and stuff. But I magined that it'll make a good pot to cook rendang in.... And it costs $299 after discount. Ok, forget it. I only have $50 to spend.

Next to the cast iron pots were these measuring bowls.. or what Mario called prep bowls and measuring spoons in matching colours. How yummy is that!! I was deciding between the Pesto and Expresso colored ones, and I saw the sign 25% off. Heheh... a grin got plastered on my face and wouldn't come off. I decided on Pesto... to match the kitchen.

Bought me a dustbin at 50% off too... Powder Blue to match the dish-rack. How great is that!!! Paid for everything and left the store. Still grinning..mind. And couldn't help thinking abt the Persimmon Orange bowls and measuring spoons. It'll look soo good next to Sis' Kitchen Aid. Managed to get her on the phone in the midst of her teaching...confirmed that her Kitchen Aid is indeed Orange. Rushed back in and bought a set for her... still grinning.

Shessh, wished I have a Kitchen Aid to match my Pesto coloured bowls and spoons. Mine's red.. and not Kitchen Aid. It's Kenwood. But I'll live.....

Gonna find an excuse to use the bowls and spoons. Tonight's dinner will be Tandoori Chix. Yummy!!.. still grinning.. heheh

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Merahcaga said...

Hahha...dah agak, mesti ada blog for this one. So, early morning when I reach work, I check your blog. And the Mario Batali w/site, sooooo... cantik...!!!